About us


We are Adele & Christine, the team behind Ruby Oak Floristry.

At Ruby Oak, we are passionate about creating lifelong memories through creativity (and an impeccable attention to detail).

Who we are.

  • Passionate & experienced florists;
  • Wildly creative;
  • Inspired by organic, natural environments;
  • Absolute sticklers for detail;
  • Oh, and we’re also mother & daughter!

Why we started.

We launched Ruby Oak out of our shared love for creating timeless and unique events through embracing the raw and unmatched beauty of our natural surroundings.

What inspires us.

At Ruby Oak, our style is inspired by and reflects the organic beauty of nature: rambling, wild, and unstructured – yet, beautifully feminine.

Why Ruby Oak.

We pride ourselves in creating an exciting and collaborative experience for our clients, and ground ourselves in three main principles:

  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Confidence

These three principles are closely interwoven and inform every aspect of our floristry design process.

Firstly, we believe communication is key to a successful collaboration, because through this, we can best come to understand your unique style and aesthetic vision for your event. And through feeling heard and understood, our clients ultimately feel a sense of confidence in our ability to translate their style into impeccable and unforgettable pieces.

Just like nature itself, event planning goes through seasons of its own, e.g. excitement, nervousness, inspiration, and sometimes even a bit of overwhelm!

At Ruby Oak, we’re here for you every step of the way. In fact, we believe that this time of inspiration, design and planning should be just as exciting as your big day.

So allow yourself to relax into the process, and connect with us today to see how we can support you in bringing your vision to life.

Adele & Christine xx

Mother And Daughter Business Owners
Ruby Oak Floristry owner Adele Day displaying a colourful bunch of fresh flowers ready for delivery
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Wedding Flowers

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