Corporate Flowers Wollongong

Have Fresh Flowers Delivered to Your Workplace Weekly

Beautify your corporate space in Wollongong with amazing office flowers delivered by the Ruby Oak Floristry team

Nothing livens up an office space like fresh flowers.

Ruby Oak Floristry offers beautiful and long-lasting flowers for your business from our Wollongong location. We can deliver to all parts of Wollongong and throughout the Illawarra Region.

Whether you’re hosting a function or are looking for flowers for your reception area, meeting rooms, or office, we will create a bespoke corporate package just for you.

Enhance your employee and guest experience with our selection of dazzling flowers. We can provide a weekly flower service to ensure that your workplace remains bright, fresh and inviting all week long. Contact us to create a monthly account.

What you can expect when working with Ruby Oak Floristry for your business and corporate flowers:

  • Bespoke corporate package tailored to the needs and style of your business.
  • Ruby Oak Floristry will assess your space and put together the perfect flower arrangements, with a new design every week.
  • Fresh, quality flowers. Your arrangements arrive fresh and radiant, with a staying power you’ll appreciate.
  • Competitive pricing. We want you to get the most value from your money and we can work within your budget.
We currently provide a regular flower service to wide range of business clients throughout the South Coast, including Real Estates, Restaurants, Hotels, Hairdressers and more. We take pride in every floral arrangement we create, ensuring our floral specialists work with your business to cater to all your business requirements.
Some of the brands using our corporate florals
what are customers are saying
Bronte Lang
Bronte Lang
Always beautiful flowers! My go to florist for all my south coast family and friends 🤍
Judith Hoogendoorn
Judith Hoogendoorn
Assuming it gets delivered and is beautiful flowers!
Mel Blanch
Mel Blanch
I bought the seasonal en masse bouquet for my mum and she contacted me afterwards and, in a tone of wonder, told me it was literally the most beautiful bouquet of flowers she had ever seen in her life! Thanks Ruby Oak! ♥️
Lani Balzan
Lani Balzan
I received flowers from here twice and they were absolutely stunning. I just purchased for someone very special who is unwell. I hope she is impressed as much as I was. Thanks Lani
Emma Ryrie
Emma Ryrie
Super quick delivery and amazing arrangement
Andrew M
Andrew M
Great flowers, perfect delivery service.
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